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My actual vaping experience on Aspire Nautilus!

I've been using a variety of 60/40 vg heavy juices on Aspire Nautilus and hadn't had a problem. Then I discovered one of the battery chargers I've been using has issues with the 18350's that it takes. I just wasn't getting the big initial clouds and flavor i had been. Then with a properly charged new battery I went to vape and BLAMO I was getting burnt taste. I tried all the different airflow wicking techniques described above even adjusting how snug my coil was to the tank. After some playing I got a decent 6/10 vape experience but not the 10/10 i had been. So all hope lost I switched, apprehensivley, to the 1.8 coil it came with. after a little tweaking and wicking I am getting prime 10/10 cloud and flavor experience. From what I've researched, the coil heads are non rebuildable, but i haven't tried. If you are having issues Like this, from my experience I recommend getting new coils and taking it slow, tweaking you're airflow and power as you go. As i am using a mech mod, non-variable, i cannot attest to different power inputs, but with variables always start low and climb up to find your sweet spot. Hope this is helpful in some way. Vape on! Premium Aspire Nautilus Tank on official authorized website!

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