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Geekvape Frenzy Kit Review

To vapers, we do have a pursuit of a better performance ever. Vapers want to have a dense cloud and flavor and small size. If there is a demand, there would be a similar product. It is the contribution of the designers. I am going to share you the Geekvape Frenzy Kit.

Geekvape does not have so many products as the Smok. Every product has its characters. Last year, he released the Nova box mod which is very popular. This year, the Frenzy is always impressed us.

The frenzy is very small in size. It adopts the finished chipset inserted with the powerful blowout just like the vape kit. Also, it has a ring for airflow adjustment to get a smooth and exquisite flavor. If we take the appearance and delicate craftsmanship and 2ml capacity, 950mAh built-in battery in, the geek vape Frenzy kit would be an alternative for vaping on the go. Following, I am going to share the details about the kit.

As a sample, it does not have a complete package. Let’s start with the vape Pod Kit. It looks like a walkie-talkie in design with a smaller size. With the metal frame, the kit has a stone like resin decoration panel, which looks in high quality in hands. The bottom of the cartridge has an isolation sticker for safety guarantee during transportation. You have to remove it before vaping.

It has the 86.2*37*15.3mm with the drip tip, which is a little higher the zippo. The weight for the kit is 97g. Comparing with the pen pod kit, which is less than 30g, it is a little heavier in weight. For the built-in 950mAh battery, it is worth it.

What I get is the black frame with the brown resin panel. It is attractive but in a more official style. If you do not love it, there are other colors for selection.

On the upper, there is a round button for airflow adjustment by rotating to left or right. The button is made of metal with the anti-sliding on the surface. The inhaling resistance is in medium with the limitation on both sides. Besides the button is the laser “geek vape” logo.

On the left panel, there is a feature button, Micro USB charging port, and LED indicator. The button is also made of metal with the texture on the surface. During the charging, the LED light would shine and show the volume with different colors. When firing, the LED light is breathing. There is eight heat radiation. You have to take care to prevent the water go it the kit when putting it on the desk. The drip tip on the top is stand out, looking like the aerial. To shorten the height, a cave in design adopts for the drip tip which also brings the mod more vivid in vision.

The frenzy kit uses the magnets for connection. There is a slide rail on both sides of the pod battery, which is for cartridge installation. It is very stable once it installed. What’s more, the kit has a VW and TC two output mode. It is automatically to judge the coil and activate the corresponding output mode. The cartridge and the battery connect through the pole. The negative on the cartridge bottom is in a large round shape to increase the reliability. The magnet is also working with it. On top of the drip tip, the material for the plastic is thick, which is effective for heat isolation. It is an integrated design, which is in-detachable.

For the cartridge, it is more suitable to describe it as a mini atomizer for that it has all the accessory for an atomizer even the air-in adjustment. The main part for the cartridge is semi-transparent plastic black juice cabin with a higher design in it. With the design, the juice would all consume without waste. The adjustment ring is made of metal. Besides the ring is the filling holes which employ with the plastic as the cover. It uses the dual hole design, one for juice filling, one for air relief which is easier for juice filling. The capacity for the cartridge is 2ml which is cool for pod kit.

The cartridge for the frenzy has the adjustable base, coil, and juice house. It is much more like a mini tank. The rechargeable coil design brings two positions. It is vapers can use different ohm coil for a different flavor and dense. From the official site, they are the 0.7ohm mesh coil and1.2ohm stainless steel coil. The second is that it reduces the cost of a cartridge. What we do is only to change the coil instead of the cartridge.

The frenzy has a small size with tangle size. The edge is comfortable to touch feeling. With 2ml capacity, it needs no juice filling frequently. With the 950mAh battery, it would supply about three days. It supports charging and vaping at the same time.

Generally speaking, it has great performance. The only problem for me is the magnet connection trouble me a lot as I always like to plug the cartridge, which causes the disconnection.


During the vaping with the frenzy kit, the main experience for me is the powerful wattage and excellent flavor. It is more than a pod kit. It is just a box mod with a mini tank. If you are a fan for dense cloud and love the small size, this pod kit with a rechargeable coil, 950mAh battery, TC mode output, and adjustable airflow system would be your ideal choice.

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