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Avoid being trapped into these mistakes of running

group-exerciseWhen it comes to running,many people will think of the painful process and sweaty uncomfortable feeling, in fact, scientifical running to lose weight is a pleasant process, the key lies in whether your method is correct or not.

Error 1: forget the lacing

Only ten-minute stretching can slow muscle pain caused by the movement, and let the movement last the longer time. After a run stretching helps to relax the muscles and joints,both of which are heros of preventing sports injury and increasing muscle elasticity . If you do not want to let running hobby make you in the sofa pain to death, take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and bones and having a look at some stretching exercises action will be very helpful.

Error 2: be careful to choose what to eat

In the gym after treadmill 45 minutes, you'll go shopping and chat with friend  , then take a shower, hair and makeup, after drinking a cup of drink, as a result,you still are hungry. After exercise to eat snacks is redundant to your fasting stomach. But thirty minutes to two hours after exercise, eating high protein and carbohydrate can provide energy and help muscle bulk add muscle.The choice of Bee Pollen Diet will greatly increse slimming results by enhancing fat metabolism and quickly bruning fat.

Error 3: not enough supplement of moisture

Ensure sufficient water after running. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, cramps and emotional fluctuations, even when the campaign you would have many negative emotions.

Error 4: not change clothes after exercise

If you rest on the sofa after exercise in the gym, your sports clothes yeast flavor by seat was stained with grease and sweat and the air contact. If you can, putting on clean clothes is the best method of keeping away from the stench.

Error 5: no continuous plans for the next movement

You don't want to get up so early to go running, but you do you will be satisfactory. Don't give yourself an excuse to delay time to run next and stall the momentum to exercise. Next time try to keep the regular running exercise habits, you'll find out the fun, and you will become very healthy.

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