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To lose weight, add beans to your cooking

"Obesity" magazine published a new study and found that, every day to eat a portion (160 grams) of red bean, pea, chickpea and lentil can increase satiety, helps control weight to avoid obesity.

In the new study, St. Michael Hospital Clinical Nutrition Canada expert Dr John Swinpipa and colleagues analyzed the related datas  in 9 clinical trials involving 126 participants and studied more than 2000 papers. The results found that, compared with the diet control group, the average daily intake of 160 grams of beans can make the satiety enhancing 31%. Dr. Swain Pippa pointed out, 90% failure of losing weight or body weight rebound after weight loss is caused by hunger. Find out what food helps enhance satiety and reduce weight, keep the weight loss results. The new study found that, regardless of age and body mass index (BMI), beans are a good choice to enhance satiety.

Eating a beans every day can also make reduce "bad cholesterol" by 5%, thereby reducing the risk of catching cardiovascular disease. http://www.daidaihua.info/

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